Sebastian Surf Team

Spreading the joy of surfing, the ocean and mother nature to the youth, the community and beyond. 

Growing Future Surf Competitors

Through the Sebastian Surf Team we are training a team of high school and middle school students and surfers to know how to surf, and how to host and operate their own surf contests and events including producing video content each event.

Team members must maintain good grades in school and a good attitude. They will also compete in local surf competitions, and form teams to compete in the NSSA national event.

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beach bites

Meeting Location

Beach Bites
Wabasso Beach Park
1840 Wabasso Beach Rd.
Vero Beach, FL 32963

Hosting & Operating Surf Events

Learn how to work as a team to host and operate your own surf events and contests. We have cover several non-surfer roles including Contest Director, Judges, Head Judge, Beach Marshal, and Tabulators.

Content Creation

Learn a specialized role to support the creation of content for surf events and contests. These roles may include Announcing, Commentating, Media, and Camera Operation.

Competitive Surfing

Develop your skills and learn the fundamentals of competitive surfing while participating in well structured, quality events.

Team Roles

Learn about our non-surfing roles.

Contest Director

Responsible to ensure the surfing aspect of the event runs on schedule and according to the rules and that the staff is not making any errors. The contest director is the only person who can give the exact schedule of events however information provided by the Beach Marshal and the contest heat board will be considered official. If any other employee or official of the event is asked and wrong information is received, subsequently missing a heat or some other problem, then the competitor has no form of protest. If the Contest Director gives wrong information and a competitor subsequently misses a heat, then a re-surf must occur. The Contest Director reports to the Conference Director.


Report directly to Head Judge. Is responsible for scoring each contestant’s rides in accordance with the competition rules. Shall make interference calls in accordance with the Competition rules. Is also responsible for correct wave counts. The role of a judge in a surfing contest is to decide which surfer performs the closest to the judging criteria in any heat. It is essential, therefore, that judges have experience and knowledge to give them confidence to obtain the correct results. (Students will learn with judges)

Head Judge

Oversees the staff of judges for each event. Is responsible for keeping number of waves caught by each competitor, calls colors of competitors catching waves, keeps the judging panel alert, quiet, orderly, and attentive to each competitor’s ride. Is responsible for enforcing competition rules. Reports directly to the Contest Director.

Beach Marshall

Responsible for calling up heats (unless there is an announcer) and checking in competitors before their heat. Will hand out contest jerseys and will ensure each competitor has correct color. Will be present to brief contestants if they inquire about any special instructions. Will ensure all alternates are correctly entered into heats where available. Will take in all protests and deliver them to the Head Judge. Will announce results of each heat. Is ultimately responsible for the correct timing of each heat and will ensure the flag is properly changed.


Responsible for tabulation of each heat and advancements. Will update the heat board within a reasonable time. Will ensure tabulated heat sheets are turned into the Beach Marshal after every heat. In team events, will also maintain team points.

Announcer / Commentating / Media / Camera Operator

We are looking for a talented, well-rounded students to assist in the creation of content for the Sebastian Surf Team social channels. This role is vital to the development process, which includes working with multiple students to package and deliver fresh content. Organized video and photography, editorials, video editing, and Adobe Creative Cloud skills a bonus. Students will provide coverage of surf contest and events using a variety of different media outlets, such as radio, television, and the internet. Some will specialize in doing commentary, while others will specialize in research, production, and the presentation of surf practices, events, and competition. Each event or contest will be recorded on camera, edited, and added to the Surf Team Website and YouTube Channel.

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I agree to assume all risks to participation in surfing related activities associated with Brando’s Surf School, LLC. I hereby grant permission for myself or my child to attend Brando’s Surf School, LLC and participate in its activities. I hereby release Brando’s Surf School, LLC from any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs and/or expenses, arising from or in any way connected with my participation in all surfing related activities conducted by Brando’s School, LLC. I hereby agree that Brando’s Surf School, LLC, its owners, officers and instructors, are not in any capacity personally responsible or liable for any injuries or damage resulting from my participation in any Brando’s Surf School, LLC programs. I fully understand and acknowledge that surfing, skateboarding, body boarding, skim boarding, Indoboarding and crossing A1A are inherently dangerous activities. I acknowledge and assume any and all risks associated with the presence of any and all sea life that may be in the ocean or on the beach.

I hereby give my consent and approval Right to Photograph to Brando’s Surf School, LLC that they shall have the right, without obtaining my further approval, to photograph, take motion pictures of, televise, or reproduce in any manner or through any media, images of myself, my child, and my legal guardians. Brando’s Surf School, LLC shall have the right to display, use, sell or license any such pictures or other reproductions for any purposes, commercial or otherwise, without monetary compensation to myself, my child or my legal guardian.

I hereby authorize any physician or lifeguards selected by Brando’s Surf School, LLC personnel to order and conduct medical or surgical procedures deemed necessary and authorize any Brando’s Surf School, LLC personnel to conduct any minor medical First Aid that may be required for my child, myself or my legal guardian for myself, my child or my legal guardian in an emergency situation. I understand that I will be responsible for all hospital, laboratory and doctor fees.

I verify that I am in good health and am fully capable of participating in any and all strenuous activities associated with any Brando’s Surf School, LLC activities. I fully understand that each participant must be a competent swimmer and acknowledge that I am competent swimmer.

I as the parent or legal guardian give my permission for my child or Ward to participate in Brando’s Surf School, LLC activities. I do understand andacknowledge the above stated risks associated with my child or Ward’s participation in surfing related activities with the Brando’s Surf School, LLC.

By checking the Box below, I agree to assume all risks to participation in surfing related activities associated with Brando’s Surf School, LLC. and have read and understand all sections above.